Multiple Practical Ways to Start as a Technology Blogger.

Apoorv Tomar
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This ebook is a guide which will help you understand your ways to start as a technology blogger.

Are you the right audience?

If you are interested in sharing knowledge with others by becoming a blogger. Blogger is someone who writes about a topic of their interest in which they are experts. Being an expert is not required, your willingness to explore newer things in and out and share them with the right audience makes you a good blogger.

If you are one such person, this course if for you it provides you with proper guidelines about how and why of becoming a blogger(Mainly technical as platforms I will be sharing in the course are mainly tech platforms, but they can be applied to any platform whatsoever)


I won't make any fake promises like others that you can earn million after this course, as earning money mostly depends upon your will to do the work.

But I will make sure after going through the entire book you will be able to understand, where to start and what strategies you can follow to become a good blogger.

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Here is what you get.

  • Learn about different platforms.
  • Registration and publishing guidelines.
  • Elaborated detail about the different available strategies for creating blogs.
  • Also shared Personal Experiences and lessons learnt along with each chapter.

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Table of content

Chapter 1. Pros and Cons of being a technical blogger. 14
Chapter 2: Available Platforms for Blogging
Chapter 3. Medium (
Chapter 4. ( Hashnode ( 54
Chapter 5. Personal Blog
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Multiple Practical Ways to Start as a Technology Blogger.

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